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نظر خوانندگان
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Postdoctoral Position Molecular Machines (London, Uk)

Research Associate Molecular Machines; Biochemistry; Yeast

An exciting opportunity has arisen to join the laboratory of
Professor Christian Speck in the Institute of Clinical Sciences,
Faculty of Medicine at the Hammersmith Campus of Imperial
College London (http://www.specklab.com/).

This is a full-time, three-year position (MED00185) with a
salary range of: £36,800 - £40,840 per annum.

This is an ideal opportunity for an enthusiastic and highly
creative scientist to join a dynamic research team with
excellent collaborators and facilities. The successful applicant
will use cutting-edge biochemical approaches to investigate
fundamental biological mechanisms in eukaryotic DNA replication
with therapeutic potential.

The project will address how key DNA replication factors
function and how they are regulated, which is crucial to
understand how cancer development is initiated and will serve
as a stepping-stone for the development of novel replication
inhibitors with potential as chemotherapeutic drugs. The
successful candidate will take advantage of efficient and well-
established reconstituted systems and in vivo approaches
(Evrin et al PNAS 2009, Fernandez-Cid et al Mol Cell 2013,
Sun et al NSMB 2013, Samel et al G&D 2014, Sun et al G&D 2014
and Chang et al 2015 Elife) to address how the replicative
helicase becomes loaded onto DNA. A recent high resolution
structure of the replicative helicase in complex with its loader
(Yuan et al NSMB 2017) has provided key insights into this
process. However, this structure has also suggested many novel
ideas for 1.) the role of Cdt1 in MCM2-7 ring opening/closing
and 2.) for sensing DNA insertion and induction of ATP-
hydrolysis. The successful candidate will take advantage of the
new knowledge and systematically explore these novel mechanisms
in vitro, in vivo and through structural approaches. The
research will involve design of constructs, expression and
purification of proteins & protein complexes using bacteria and
yeast. The purified factors will be used for the development of
novel biochemical assays, structural analysis in collaboration
with other group members and analysis of protein dynamics by
FRET assays. The applicant will be working as part of a team,
and will have ample opportunity to drive the project’s direction
in a creative way.
The successful candidate will enjoy intensive interactions with
group members specialised in cryo-EM, biochemistry or in vivo
approaches generating a collaborative and highly productive
atmosphere, with substantial opportunities for advanced
training. The lab is very well equipped for biochemistry and
structural EM work and has direct access to a local cryo-EM
facility and the Titan Krios as founding member of the LonCEN

By joining the group, the candidate will not only participate
in high profile research projects, but will be also directly
mentored by Professor Speck in grant writing, networking and
publishing. This will prepare the post holder ideally for the
next career move.

The candidate should have a PhD in Biochemistry or neighbouring
disciplines, a strong publication record and extensive expertise
in protein biochemistry. A background in the areas of molecular
machines, chromatin biology, yeast genetics, structure
determination & modelling, DNA replication, cell cycle, DNA
repair, and the broader area of genome stability would be of
advantage, but is not necessary.

Brexit message:
You might feel uncomfortable about moving, but the UK is much more
welcoming than people try to make you believe. With less people
competing for fellowships & jobs, and research funding better than
ever, you may recognises an opportunity here. It may be the ideal time
to start a research job in the UK.

Apply online via our website at
http://www3.imperial.ac.uk/employment (select “Job Search” then
enter the vacancy reference number into “Keywords”). Please
complete and upload an application form as directed quoting the
appropriate reference number (MED00185).

Alternatively, if you are unable to apply online, please email
Katie.Poole@imperial.ac.uk to request an application form.

Closing Date: 21 January 2018 (Midnight)
Prof. Dr. Christian Speck
Imperial College London
London, Uk

Ansprechpartner: Prof. Speck, chris.speck@imperial.ac.uk

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