نظر خوانندگان
نظر خوانندگان
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A PhD position is available in the Spagnoli laboratory.   We are seeking a highly motivated PhD student for a project on somatic lineage reprogramming between liver and pancreas cells. The main focus of the laboratory is to elucidate the mechanisms that pattern the embryonic endoderm in order to generate distinct organs, such as the pancreas and liver (Heinrich et al. Nat Cell Biol. 2015; Rodriguez-Seguel et al. Genes Dev. 2013; Petzold et al. Development 2013). To this aim, we perform comparative studies using both amphibian and mammalian model systems, including mouse embryos and embryonic stem cells. Future aims are directed towards applying developmental regulators of the fate decision between liver and pancreas to lineage reprogramming strategy in order to generate functional pancreatic beta-cells.

Applicants must have a Master in a relevant subject (i.e. Biology, Biochemistry, and Developmental Biology), experience in experimental laboratory research, and experience with stem cells or iPS cells would be preferable. Excellent organizational and record-keeping skills, the ability to work effectively and flexibly as part of a team, and ability to plan and execute experimental research independently are required.

Interested applicants should provide a CV, a statement describing career goals, and contact information for at least two referees. Additional information about our lab. and the Max Delbrueck Center can be found on our website.

Francesca Spagnoli
Max Delbrueck Center
Berlin, Germany

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